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brush stroke "Life swings like a pendulum backward and forward between pain and boredom" ~Arthur Schopenhauer

Video games in general have rarely transcended being merely interactive simulation bound by rules with derivative expectations. That makes many games just passable. The constant influx of passable games, regardless of them being polished or having big budgets can dilute gaming as a whole. Reviving any creative field needs diversity of experience; unique ideas and originality that challenge the norm. Indie gaming in particular has a wealth of variety of experiences because it's open and encourages taking a chance.

My name is Saif, I love expressing myself creatively and visually through art and design. The memory of the first time I played Galaga resonates in my mind with joy and curiosity. Game development is a challenging field with endless possibilities for creativity. Do I want to change the world? No, but I'm here to enjoy the journey.

Saif and Noah jabur in the orangutan matter games office - 2d unity games
Saif and mini Saif in the Orangutan matter office


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